Virgin Mary


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Approaching the biggest holiday of Oreshak -the Fair! Virgin Mary in the Troyan Monastery – the honor is death or Assumption of the Mother of Jesus Christ – Virgin Marry.
This year’s event begins on August 11 – Thursday, and will continue until 15th of August – Monday, will consist of removal theicon of the Virgin Mary.
From all over the country thousands of people coming to see and touch the holy icon to bow before her magic.
The Fair is held annually, known in Bulgaria as one of the largest and most attractive. Many companies, promoters, artists and artisans of various household goods, fine arts and ancient crafts in the village gather and offer their products in the days of the fair.
Very fun and loud music, flavor of grilled meats and beer, children’s laught and roundabouts, thousands of goods and articles, many old friends and many memories … This is Oreshak during the week of the Fair.
House “Fame” welcomes all guests of the village! Come stay with us! Contact us for availability and dates in August. Hurry, very willing.